What to Expect?

Thai massage is a unique experience which will leave the body feeling simultaneously relaxed and rejuvenated over the course of a one, one and a half, or two hour massage. All treatments vary client to client. 

Please note Thai bodywork sessions are done dressed.  Please bring with you or come wearing comfortable clothing, thank you.

A Brief History of Traditional Thai Massage

Nuad Boraen is the ancient therapeutic bodywork developed thousands of years ago in the region we call Thailand.  When knowledge of the indigenous people of the land began to mix with influences spreading south from India along with Buddhism, China, SE Asia, the Mon, Khmer, and T’ai people, a system of medicine developed into multiple branches of traditional Thai medicine.  

The distinct branches of medicine tie together to form a complete medical system unique to Thailand. These branches vary from herbal medicine, orthopedic, oracular, and spiritual medicine as well as midwifery.  As westerners, we are only beginning to understand the knowledge and potential found in Thai medicine which extends far beyond massage.  In the west we recognize Thai massage for the yogic like stretching done throughout the massage when traditionally the bodywork would not have been limited to stretching, but as a physical therapy which would have included massage, bone setting, scrapping, cupping, blood letting, and range of motion, etc.

Additional Benefits

The numerous benefits of Thai massage are as mentioned above both physical and energetic.  Restorative, relaxing, while simultaneously rejuvenating.  Relieves sore muscles, improves muscle tone, stimulates circulation, increases flexibility and range of motion, helps aids in digestion and strengthens internal organs